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Hey! I'm Erin.

It's nice to meet you!


Here's a little bit about me - I'm a lifestyle photographer with an advertising degree. I'm a DMV native. I'm a dog mom to a crazy Italian greyhound. I wear a little too much flannel (especially now that it is fall). 


I've always loved taking photos since I was little and started with the finest disposable camera from CVS.  Fast-forward to high school, I had to go through several surgeries that left me with long recoveries. Needing to fill my time with something other than Grey's Anatomy binging, my parents got me my first DSLR to play around with.  I spent so much time during those years learning and taking fun photos of friends which lead to eventually shooting their senior portraits. After receiving my first $50 shoot paycheck I had caught the bug - I was going to pursue getting as many $50 shoot paychecks as possible. I headed over to the platform Thumbtack to get some experience doing other kinds of shoots. Let me tell you, the first time I shot a proposal I was sweating through my shirt from the nerves. But as with most things, it got more comfortable the more I did it. Through college I worked as portrait photographer shooting pretty much anything people would hire me for (within reason). After graduating college into the pandemic, I came back to the DMV and started collabing with influencers and brands creating their content. I realized that is really where my heart lies. 

I also opened a rental natural light photo studio in March 2021! Twelve Studio is located in Falls Church, Va. There I work with clients to offer a place for them to work with me or create their own content! 

I was a Thumbtack Top Pro 2019, 2020, 2021. I stopped using the platform this year. 

I've been published by Tacari Weddings, Everybride, Mob Journal, Marika Magazine, Capitol Romance

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