Beach Day

Leesylvania State Park is the perfect place for a beach day themed photo shoot within a 30-minute drive of D.C. (Woodbridge, VA) It's dog-friendly, typically not very crowded, and has a ton of different photo spots.

Rose Garden

If you're looking for a session in early summer (May or June), Bon Air Rose Garden in Arlington, VA is a beautiful option for photos. It has great parking, is normally not too busy and absolutely stunning with all of the different types of roses. Doggos welcome.

A Day at the Zoo

The zoo is a popular outing during summer break and also a really fun photo location. While it likely will be pretty crowded, it is so expansive that it won't be difficult to find good areas for photos.

Bonfire & Smores

If your family loves building bonfires or hanging out on the back patio with a fire pit, this could be a really cute family or friends session! Whether its capturing the general hangout, playing music or roasting marshmallows, bonfires/fire pits are such a quintessential summer activity.

Sunflower Fields

Burnside Farms has sunflower fields that are open starting in mid-July for about 4-6 weeks. During that time, you can purchase tickets to enter the park, pick flowers and take photos. Dogs are welcome if they stay on the leash.

Farmers Market

Farmers Markets such as Eastern Market are a fun lifestyle location to capture lots of color and the bustling city streets on the weekends.

Pool Day

If your kiddos love the pool, what a fun idea for a unique family photoshoot! This could be done at a local pool, in a backyard pool or at a splash pad. Bonus points if your dog joins in!