Washington DC is a great place to take photos. It's home to some of the most iconic sites in the world, including the White House, Capitol Building and Lincoln Memorial.

The city has an impressive history as well as being home to many famous people including Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The architecture throughout Washington DC offers many opportunities for photographers looking for something different than what you'll find at other popular tourist destinations like New York City or Las Vegas (although those cities also have their own unique architectural styles).

The National Mall

The National Mall is a great place to take photos, especially if you're looking for something more scenic than the city. There are plenty of museums and monuments on this stretch of land that make it easy to capture some amazing shots.

The Washington Monument is one of the most recognizable landmarks in DC, so it's no surprise that photographers flock here for their perfect photo op. It's also worth noting that there are some great views from inside this structure as well!

If you want something less touristy but still iconic, head over to Lincoln Memorial where you can snap an image with one of America's most beloved presidents looking out over his city. If you're feeling adventurous (and brave), climb up onto his statue for even better angles!

The Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin is a great place to take photos because it's so beautiful and peaceful. There are lots of statues and monuments here, including Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and FDR Memorial.

If you want to get some good pictures of these monuments then it's best to go at sunrise or sunset when there aren't many people around so that you can take your time taking photos without having someone in them!


Georgetown is a neighborhood in Washington DC that is known for its historic architecture and beautiful scenery. The C&O Canal runs along the Potomac River, providing gorgeous views of Georgetown University and other landmarks. The Georgetown Waterfront Park is another great place to take photos because it has plenty of open space, allowing you to get some good shots without having to worry about crowds or other tourists getting in your way.

The Monuments

The monuments are one of the most iconic parts of DC. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is an impressive piece that honors those who died in service, while the Korean War Veterans Memorial pays tribute to those who fought in Korea. If you're looking for something more traditional and patriotic, head over to the World War II Memorial--it's one of our favorites!

The National Zoo

The National Zoo is a great place to visit if you want to see the Giant Pandas, Great Cats, Reptiles and Amphibians. It's also home to some of the world's most endangered species. If you're looking for something more exotic than your average zoo experience, this is it!

The Giant Panda Pavilion houses two adult pandas: Mei Xiang (female) and Tian Tian (male). They live in an indoor enclosure with lush green walls that simulate their natural habitat as much as possible; however because they are so large they cannot be allowed outside due to their size. The panda exhibit was renovated in 2008 so now there are viewing windows where visitors can get up close with these bears without disturbing them too much--but don't worry about getting too close because these bears love food!

The National Arboretum

The National Arboretum is a beautiful place to visit in the springtime. The grounds are full of cherry trees, azaleas and bonsai trees that are all in bloom at different times throughout the year. It's also home to formal gardens where you can sit on benches and enjoy the scenery.

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is a great place to take photos. You can get a great view of the Washington Monument, as well as the Reflecting Pool and Lincoln Memorial.

The Reflecting Pool is an iconic landmark in DC that has been featured in many movies and TV shows including The West Wing, House of Cards and Veep.