I was a Canon photographer for 7 years and last year I made the full shift to Fujifilm.

I frequently get asked the question - why did I switch to Fujifilm? So I thought I would take a moment to write it out.

First and foremost

Here's a list of the Fuji gear in my kit:

  • Fujifilm GFX 100s
  • Fujifilm GFX 50mm 3.5f lens
  • Fujifilm XT5
  • Fujifilm 18-55mm 2.8f lens
  • Fujifilm 33mm 1.4f lens
Why I love fujifilm

The colors

Fujifilm is known for its ability to process colors with a look that is similar to a film camera. While most cameras from other manufacturers tend to process colors with a little bit of a screw in a certain direction (Canon is warmer/pink, Nikon is cooler and Sony is very vibrant.) While these things can all be corrected in editing or might be the preference of the photographer, Fujifilm fits closest with the look that I am going for. It dramatically reduces my editing time as well.

The camera body look and feel

This is a weird one but one of the things that first caught my attention about Fujifilm was the way the camera bodies look - especially the X series. They mimic film cameras with manual dials on the top of the camera to control shutter speed, ISO, etc., rather than only having digital controls. This honestly just makes shooting more fun to me. That being said, my main camera for sessions is the GFX100s and it more closely resembles typical DSLRs or professional mirrorless cameras from other brands.

Medium format cameras

Fujifilm introduced me to the world of digital medium format cameras. These cameras are typically used for landscape or commercial work because of their megapixel count and ability to create images that can be zoomed in without losing resolution. I fell in love with these cameras because they make the details look incredible and due to their high megapixel count, they work well in low-light situations. This gives me more flexibility when shooting indoors or on a darker day.

These are photos from my first trip with my medium format Fujifilm.

These were taken at Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada. This place is one of my all-time favorite places on Earth.

I tried to keep this short and sweet but I'm happy to answer any questions and dive deeper!

Also, no hate to any other camera brand or photographers who shoot with other brands. Each brand has its pros and cons. I just personally have had a great experience switching to Fujifilm and wanted to share!